Wednesday, August 6, 2014

20% off MoxieRox SALE and pictures from my summer vacation

I've just spent the past two weeks in Germany and Italy and after a long vacation, I'm ready to open up shop again and get some sales going! So I'm offering a 20% OFF discount code through the month of August... all you have to do is enter TAKE20 for the coupon code and voila! Instant savings!! :) Click here to go to my shop!

Here are some pictures from my trip... we went to Frankfurt/Heidelburg/Munich, Germany and then to Milan/Venice/Florence/Rome, Italy! What a lot to see in only two weeks!

Old-fashioned buggy in Germany. Heck yes! (I drive a beetle...)

bridge in Frankfurt 

Heidelburg Castle, it was wet...(!!)

Heidelburg Castle

Lake Como, Italy

Duomo, Milan, Italy

 Venice, Italy

 Glass blowing on Murano island, Italy

  Venice at night


THE BEST Gelato place... Rome, Italy

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