Monday, November 23, 2015


Here's a little peek at a new series I've been working on... geometrics... whoa!

A lot of these new designs are from some hand-carved rubber stamps. Yeah!

I've also been incorporating some little snippets of poetry written by my hella-talented little sister, Courtney. In this particular photo, I've typed up a poem on my vintage Royal QDL typewriter and had the resulting image laser-etched onto cardstock by the wonderful Tracey over at rollingmillresource.

 I've been experimenting with syringe PMC to make little "frames" for this new work... but I haven't decided if I'm going to try a different technique instead of the finicky syringe. This is just an initial experiment... So stay tuned to see how this frame turns out! :)

Oh! ..and here is a little peek at some custom work all packaged up before these all went off to their new homes! I just love wrapping up my work in my hand-painted paper... it's just another way I get to be ARTSY! ;) ...I just love me some washi tape!!!

Also... I've been working on a new logo design this week! Here's a little teaser picture of what will become the background! It's a little watercolor blob that I painted, which has been turned into something incredible by the talented Kassie

Well, that's about it for right now, I suppose. Thanks for checking in! :)